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About me

Caroline Traitler - Pic by Andre PreiserI have been working as a journalist in the rock/metal scene since 2000 and developed my passion for photography during my journalism studies at university. In 2001 I had my first experience in a photopit, shooting Paradise Lost with an old analogue camera and since then the fire was started. I worked with analogue equipment for a few years and finally bought my first digital camera in 2003, when it became affordable, a Canon Eos 300D. From that time on I was really running around at every show and festival I could ever dream of, always stocking up my equipment, improving in techniques and getting better cameras and lenses over the years. I did several tours with bands, mostly with my dear friends Anathema, I had a lot of photosessions and was in the pits of most of the big metal and rock festivals, worked with many net and print mags in Austria, Germany and Holland. Beside that my passion for travels was always a great way to express myself in another photographic dimension. I love art, I love city life and nature at the same time and above all I love music. This is my life, my love, my fire.

My equipment:
Canon Eos 5D Mark II (since August 09)
Canon Eos 5D (since July 06)
Canon Powershot s95
Canon EF 24-70 mm 2.8
Canon EF 50 mm 1.4
Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8 L IS USM
Canon EF 100mm 2.8 Macro USM
Canon EF 15mm 2.8 Fisheye
Lensbaby Muse
Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flashlight
Canon Speedlite 580EX Flashlight
Manfroto Tripod
portable Studio light


cd/dvd publications:
Live pictures in the Antimatter – Alternative Matter CD
Live pictures and gallery in the Dornenreich DVD – Nachtreisen
Live pictures in the Dismember live DVD – Under Blood Red Skies
Live pictures for the artwork & booklet of Antimatter – Live@An Club
Live pictures in the Leave’s Eyes live DVD – We Came with the Northern Winds, En Saga i Belgia
Live pictures in the Spock’s Beard live DVD
Artwork for Leafblade – Live in Athens
Live pictures in the booklet of Primordial – To The Nameless Dead
Live pictures in the DVD gallery of Legion Of The Damned – Sons Of The Jackal
Live pictures in the booklet of God Dethroned – The Toxic Touch
Artwork for Mirror Of Deception – Shards
Live pictures in the booklet of Ahab – The Call Of The Wretched Sea
Live picture in the booklet of Mercenary – The Hours That Remain
Studio pictures in the booklet of Primordial – The Gathering Wilderness
Cover photo (portrait of Stephanie) on Atargatis – Wasteland
Live pictures (collage) in the booklet of Anata – The Conductor’s Departure
Live pictures in the booklet of Vortex – Welcome To Metalland
Live Pictures of Primordial for the Infosheet on the Primordial/Mael Morda Split LP
Crowdpicture on the live CD from the Rockhard Festival 2005 (Rockhard Magazine issue August 05)
Live pictures for a single CD of Divine Temptation
Live pictures in the DVD gallery of the limited edition of Graveworm- Nutopia
Cover photo for the “Down without End” album from the Austrian band LST
Cover photo for the Anathema DVD “Were You There”
Live pictures (collage) on the Cover of the Green Carnation DVD “Alive and well…In Krakow”
Booklet pictures for De/Vision’s unplugged album
Booklet pictures for 18 Summers/Silke Bischoff’s live DVD

Klimt 1918, Hail Of Bullets, Golden Dawn, Zombie Inc. , Dornenreich, Trust No 1, Outrage, Mosfet, Alight, In Slumber, The Modern Age Slavery, Serenity, Artas, The Crimson, Never Comes Silence, Emergency Gate, Simon Moon Tripping Horse, Dark Suns, Watch Me Bleed, Saturus, Mercenary, Nonexistence, Thirdmoon, Tribes Of Cain, Mitigate, Abandoned, Crusade, Eventide, Anathema, Requiem, Courageous, Unleashed, Mely, Cremation, Atargatis, Lords Of Decadence, Graveworm, Primordial.


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