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Immanu El

Pictures of Sweden’s emotional music talents Immanu El are online… Absolutely stunning music but probably the darkest gig I ever photographed without flash, so here we go for some quite experimental shots, enjoy… and make sure to check out this amazing band!

Night Of Power

Pics of the Austrian melodic metal event, Night Of Power, are online



Sirens Cry


Devin Townsend and Aeon Zen

Pics of a great night with even greater music are online!

Devin Townsend

Aeon Zen

Power Of Metal pics online

Pics of the Power Of Metal tour in Vienna are online


Symphony X

Psychotic Waltz




Power Of Metal tour

Next gig: Power Of Metal tour in Vienna, 12.3.2011 check the dates here and make sure not to miss this awesome package for all progressive music lovers out there!

Paganfest over Vienna

The Paganfest tour 2011 started in Vienna… here are the pics:






Kivimetsan Druidi


Sonata Arctica and supports

Pics of Sonata Arctica and supports at Szene Wien are online

Sonata Arctica


4th Dimension

Dying Fetus

After not being allowed to take pics of Sisters Of Mercy and a very short (and not really good) set of them I spontaneously went to see Dying Fetus who played the same day. I didn’t have my big camera equipment with me and just took some pics with my compact camera, a Canon Powershot [...]