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Eluveitie at Paganfest in Vienna

first pics of Paganfest in Vienna are online, more soon! See you all in Innsbruck again


Pics from Ulver in Vienna are online

Trust No 1 rocks Innsbruck

a very cool gig!

Next gigs and plans

Here are the next planned gigs and possible festivals

20.2. Trust No 1 @ Innsbruck 23.2. Ulver @ Wien 27.2. Paganfest @ Wien 3.3. Paganfest @ Innsbruck 6.3. Volbeat @ Innsbruck 16.3. Tito & Tarantula @ Wörgl 28.3. Katatonia @ Wien 3.4. The Vision Bleak @ Wien 4.4. In Slumber @ Wörgl 26.4. EF @ [...]


I was really looking forward to photograph that cool band but unfortunately some restriction from their managament forced us to take pics from the back, we couldnt enter the photopit and had to stay at the sound desk… I dunno why but well, sometimes the music business is full of unresolved mysteries So here are [...]

Mosfet and Goddamned X in Vienna

It’s always great to be back in Vienna for a weekend, soon it will be for longer than just that I got invited to the superb Viper Room where they serve the best beer in town (thanks again for that guys!) and where I had the chance to shoot some talented austrian bands, here are [...]