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Alight in Wörgl

Pics of Alight supporting Dornenreich in Wörgl are online

Dornenreich in Wörgl

Pics of a great Dornenreich gig in Wörgl are online now

Mely in Wörgl

Mely supporting Dornenreich in Wörgl, pics online

New page design

As you can see has a new design… and yes its not black anymore, I just wanted something else for a change I also deleted a lot of old galleries where the quality of the pics just was too bad for my nowadays standards, but there are still 1156 galleries of 623 different bands [...]

Leafblade in Helsinki and Finland travel pics

Pics of Leafblade in Helsinki are online

I also uploaded some travel and landscape pics from Helsinki, Tampere and Lake Bodom

Anathema & Leafblade in Tampere

Pics of Anathema and Leafblade in Tampere are online



Anathema in Helsinki

I am in Helsinki right now enjoying good times with my friends and seeing my favorites Anathema Pics are online… Tomorrow off to Tampere!

Mors Principium Est & Crimfall at Next Generation Open Air

Mors Principium Est


Izegrim at Next Generation Open Air

Pics online

More pics from Next Generation Open Air online

After a week of holidays and a very stressful week at work I finally found some time to upload some more pics from Next Generation Open Air: