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Demians in Vienna & Behind the scenes pics

Pics of Demians in Vienna and behind the scenes pics of the tour in Italy and Vienna are online


Behind the scenes

Anathema in Vienna

Pics of Anathema in Vienna online

Demians in Milan and Rome

Pics of Demians in Milan and Rome are online



Anathema in Rome

Pics of Anathema in Rome are online

Anathema in Milan

Pics of Anathema in Milan are online

Demians in Munich

Pics of Demians supporting Anathema in Munich are online.

Anathema in Munich

Pics of the Anathema show in Munich are online now… Fotos of the great support band Demians will follow soon.

Tyr, Hollenthon, Alestorm

Pics of Tyr, Hollenthon and Alestorm in Vienna are online now.




Dornenreich and Devon Graves – pics complete

I uploaded all pictures of Dornenreich and Devon Graves in Uster and Hohenems, I hope you will enjoy them, even tho the lights were not so good but I tried to get the best out of it.

Dornenreich in Uster

Devon Graves in Hohenems

Dornenreich in Hohenems


Dornenreich and Devon Graves

I was lucky that I could join the acoustic tour of Dornenreich and Devon Graves for a weekend, travelling to Uster (near Zurich) in Switzerland and to Hohenems in Austria. The gigs were fantastic and I want to thank the whole touring crew again for making this happen, it was very special! I uploaded some [...]