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Frequently asked questions

Infos for everyone who wants to know more about music photography… some answers to frequently asked questions

1. Do you live from photography? No I don’t. I have a job beside my photowork (I am online editor and content manager). I do sell pics but it is not enough to pay my rent, my food [...]

Serenity release party

Pics of the Serenity release party in W├Ârgl are now online!

Anathema archive back again!

I finally found the time to upload some old Anathema pics again and rework on them. I will slowly put more pics from my Anathema archive online, there is still more to see. Till then you can browse through the galleries and archive links, feedback is always welcome


5 years of Photopit & gigs to come

Hello friends On 31st of August celebrated a 5 years anniversary and I am happy that I can present my page with a new design and with more features. Thanx again to everyone who helped me grow this site and supported me with this project! In the future I will also concentrate more on [...]

Canada pictures online

I spent a great week in beautiful Canada with my friend Elke. We met in Toronto and saw lots of things around there like the Niagara Falls, Toronto Island, the beaches and Georgian Bay with the 30.000 Islands… a great trip and many pics taken