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New Pics added

Finally added all new pics from this year, have a look at my 2013 gallery, including pics of Seerock Festival Pics of Iron Maiden can be found exclusively on


March gigs

A lot of new pictures are online with:

Long Distance Calling




Der Weg Einer Freiheit





Ex Deo



2013 starts with Dornenreich and The 69 Eyes

2013 started with some great gigs of Dornenreich and The 69 Eyes, you can find the pics here and there is much more to come, many awesome plans to be realized!

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a happy new year, I will work on this page soon and update it with new stuff, maybe even some new designs and more… but meanwhile as always just check my Facebook page or just take a look at my best of 2012 live pics

Festivals and summer pictures

I know I haven’t been posting much here lately (for more recent updates please always come back to my Facebook page), but I uploaded all pictures from summer, including Extremefest, The Eternal in Melbourne, Brutal Assault with Engel and Alcest, Circle II Circle and 2 Days A Week festival! I will be back very soon [...]

Nova Rock, Metalfest and more

Finally uploaded all pics of Nova Rock Festival, Metalfest Austria and many more here too, sorry for the delay! Next up: Extremefest Austria

check all the pics here

busy again

I have been very busy again and had some technical problems on my page but I have tons of new pics, you can find them at my page on Facbeook for now: including Nova Rock, Metalfest Austria, Anneke Van Giersbergen and Dark Suns pictures. I will upload them all here soon as everything is [...]

Anathema tour

I was lucky to join my dear friends of Anathema for 2 days again, here are many pics



Amplifier in Ludwigsburg

Amplifier in Milan


Nachtmystium, Dark Fortress and Verdelet

Here are the pics of a very fine black metal evening


Dark Fortress


Paganfest and Agalloch

Finally found time to upload the pics of Paganfest and also added pics of the wonderful Agalloch gig:

Agalloch Velnias Rauhnacht

Eluveitie Korpiklaani Primordial Equilbrium Negura Bunget Heidevolk Solstafir